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04 Aug, 2018

Hazem Al-Obaidi (R), with Al Riyadh representative Mr. Hussein Elbadawy

Cairo – Hussein Elbadawy

Hazem Al-Obaidi to “Riyadh”: Arab Alliance has spared the region chaos

Hazem Al-Obaidi, an Iraqi political analyst and spokesman for the Arab People’s Congress, asserted that the Iranian Safavid project is devastative project that is aimed at obliterating the Arab civilization. It uses its arms in the region to encircle the Arabian Peninsula and apply the creative chaos scenario to break up the Arab world, mentioning that this project has collided with a major power which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been able to confront this project strongly.

In an interview to “Riyadh”, Al-Obaidi said that the Houthi terrorist militias, the arm of Iran in Yemen, received training by Iranian experts in camps in the Lebanese Bekaa before the coup against legitimacy, and they were sent back to Yemen for the zero hour when they receive orders from Tehran to target the security of the Kingdom, which is the major goal of this Safavid project.


How do you see the latest developments in Iran?

What is happening now reflects the policies of Iran, “East Israel” since 1979, under the era of Khomeini who came to power from France on a French intelligence aircraft. These repressive policies practiced by the regime took Iran into wars, aggression, expansion and interference in the internal affairs of other countries. This is negatively reflected on the Iranian inside, as the unemployment rate in the Iranian society has reached more than 50% because of their support for terrorism and armed groups in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, the Gulf States, and even in Africa and Nigeria. This has exacerbated the crisis in Iranian society. If these failed policies continue, The Iranian regime will be overthrown. When Khomeini came to power, Al-Bazaar sided with him against the Shah, the largest economic power in Iran. Now, the situation has reversed, and Al-Bazaar has joined the ongoing demonstrations, and the regime is reeling from these strikes. When this regime falls, we shall see the big change in the region.


How could Iran penetrate the region in this way?

After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Iran did not find a force against its Safavid project, and therefore deepened its encroachment. Here, we should mention the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab-Islamic Alliance and the Operation Decisive Storm which kicked off so as to overthrow all these projects. This is not instantaneous. Pilots taking part in the Arab Alliance operations are all Arabs, a sign of hope for restoring the Arab spirit to defend the Arab and Islamic nation. Thus, the Iranian project collided with a great force which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We do not forget the attitude of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, God bless him, when he worked on two axes; “military and humanitarian”. The humanitarian air bridge is no less powerful and important to stand with its brothers in Yemen, in addition to the Operation Decisive Storm for supporting the national army.


What is the overarching goal behind the continuation of the Huthi fighting?

Since 1993, the Houthis have been working on this project by paying frequent visits to Tehran and building their bases in Yemen. The Houthis’ coup against legitimacy in Yemen did not come from a vacuum, but came with great support from Iran in order to encircle the Arabian Peninsula. we saw the great flow to the Lebanese Bekaa before the Houthi coup and construction of camps to train these structural organizations and then send them back to Yemen for the zero hour when they receive orders From Tehran to target the security of Saudi Arabia, which is the major goal of this Safavid project that aims at applying the creative chaos scenario to break up the Arab world.


How do you see the importance of resuming the liberation of Al-Hudaydah?

Al-Hudaydah is the main vital artery for the access of weapons, logistic support and experts for the Houthis. Recently, when the National Army of Yemen decided to support the Arab Alliance to resume the process, some voices turned loud to talk about fears of casualties among innocent civilians. The question now; where were they when the Houthis turned against legitimacy, committed major massacres and killed patients inside hospitals. We did not hear them.


Do you think the Houthi militias are coming to an end?

The Houthis are mortal, and their page will be soon folded. When Al-Hudaydah is liberated, we will be on the outskirts of Sana’a. The Arab media should highlight the efforts of the Arab Alliance to make the world realize that we are with peace and extend one hand to peace and carry the weapon with the other hand to cut the hand of terrorism.


You said before that Qatar pays the Iranian missile bill for the Houthis. How do you see the role of Hamadeen in funding terrorism?

Qatar has a big history of terrorism. Doha has supported the Safavid crowd militias in Iraq. Everyone remembers the scenario of the abducted Qatari fishermen, which ended with the transfer of USD 1 billion to Baghdad Airport and headed to the militias and gangs away from the international control. I claim that the Qatari fishermen were kidnapped in Iraq, though they were in Iran, checked into a hotel and did not even stay in Iraq. Thus, this is the sabotaging Qatari role in the region. Doha conspired against the brothers in Bahrain and the Arab Alliance, sent coordinates and intelligence information to the Houthis and targeted the UAE military sites.


What if the Operation Decisive Storm has not started?

If the Operation Decisive Storm of firmness, determination and dignity has not started by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful Crown Prince, cities would have been destroyed, many innocent lives would have been lost, the war would have moved into the Saudi territory and the region would have been in a very big mess. All the free Arab youth side with the Kingdom and the Arab Alliance to defend the land of Yemen and the Arab spirit, and we all stand as men against this project Safavid.


What should the Arab countries do to eradicate Daesh?

Daesh is an Iranian industry and the other face of the Houthis, the Safavid crowd militias and Hezbollah. The Arab League (AL) should have confronted the tramps of this project with an Arab political and military alliance and activation of the Joint Arab Defense Charter to defend the Gulf States.


RIYADH DAILYلقاء مع الاستاذ حازم العبيدي عضو المكتب الاغلامي للمؤتمر الشعبي العربي مع جريدة